Welcome to Garbear Production

Follow the tabs above, and explore what we can do for you and your video needs. We can cater to special functions like weddings, birthdays, talent shows. We take at least three cameras to film you event in High-Definition, then take it the den and edit it.

In the den, we will choose what camera shot looks the best, making sure your footage looks and feels like a regular program, captivating your audience.

Having loved movies growing up, this has been my passion. I have been with the theater in Kalamazoo for several years, and have learned from their staff on how to present a production. You will find a collection under the example tab, both professional as well as the progression learning the programs, and what effects we can add to your production.

You can contact us at Garbearproductions@yahoo.com or call 269- 993-6619. You may have to leave a message due to bad cell reception.  Calls accepted from 9 am to 9 pm EST.