What are we about? Preserving memories, and making sure you have a top notch quality product in the end. We believe in constant communication, and will keep in touch when necessary, to get approval before the final stage of finalizing your collection of memories.

We can also convert VHS and 8mm film to DVD at a reasonable rate. We are offering special rates in our first year. Those on a fixed budget can afford to have us produce your material or special event.Contact us, and see what we have to offer in rates for you project. You won’t believe the price. Look through the site, see what we have done, hear what those who we have worked with have to say about us.

You can contact us at:

E-mail us at Garbearproductions@yahoo.com

You can also call, 269-324-2294, from 9 am to 9 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am to 3 pm Saturday.


One thought on “About

  1. Fantastic!!!! Congrats Gary, I know you will bring joy to so many people, preserving their memories for them to share with others. Don’t forget about your ‘small’ friends when ya hit the big time…hehe. Kathy F.

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