These pictures are from the days I stage managed a few shows at The Kalamazoo Civic Theater. It was a great time, working with such a talented bunch of people.There were so many personalities and different all walks of life, in each show. Most of my volunteer work there, was mainly backstage working as a “techie”. I worked light board, sound board, follow spot for several productions there. After a few years, my time came for the illustrious position of stage manager!  I did get an acting part, as Melvin P. Thorp’s camera-man, in the Civic’s first production of Best Little Whorehouse In Texas. There I got to partner up with local comedian Skyler Stone, as he played Melvin’s sound guy. Skyler is currently playing cousin Mike on FOX’s comedy Raising Hope.

     The first show for me as stage manager was Moon Over Buffalo. The largest cast and crew I stage managed was Man of La Mancha. Duane Hunt, was the director for the show, and asked me to take on stage managing the show. He was the drama teacher at my middle school, years before, so I said yes. I had no idea what I got myself into, but I ended up with 120 people in the cast and crew. The group accomplishment was the fact that nobody had a body mic. The stage was set in a band shell form, to send the ensembles voices out into the audience. The last show I stage managed, was about some little country gal that “don’t know no better”. That show A Closer Walk With Patsy Cline, was another first for the theater. It was to be my last time with them, as I made a career change driving semi truck.

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