COM-115 Visual Communication

Here are some examples of the homework I did, and my thoughts of the class. I originally took the class, as fluff for the fall semester to fill my class schedule, while I used the semester to also turn in a much-needed foundation portfolio. As it turned out, I felt this class was more beneficial towards my degree than a few other classes that was out lined  in my class roster.

Our first assignment was to shoot pictures of someones room. I chose my own, and shot video of the living room. My classmates about got it right, other than the age of the person who did the decor. I had deleted that video shortly after I turned it in, so I have no example of that.

The next assignment we did was to show stereo types in advertising. I did my groups assignment on cigarette industry, and below, you will see the presentation I put together for class. Click on the you tube link and enjoy:

Now that you are back, another assignment we did was a “Look Before You Cross.” We did illustrations using two circles and a triangle.  Here is my illustration I did for the project, as a poster for children:

The assignment I THOUGHT I turned in…  I found the picture still in my laptop, and I never found the graded papers. Some how I did not turn it in.. OOPS!

Other assignments consisted of different fonts, font family’s. That was an interesting study. For me, the different font styles are what are appealing to me, as it widens what I can do for web pages and title slides for the videos we put together.

Another study asked us to comparing political rivals, World Series rivals, or a paper comparing Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Mine was on Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, which was on the heels on Steve’s death. I don’t have a copy of that to post. Speaking of the World Series Rivals, I did get lucky to have a friend give me a pair of tickets for my birthday to the playoff game between the Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers. I took the opportunity to take a video camera and play with it during the game, and here are the results from that:

Detroit Tigers vs Texas Rangers Game 4 of ALSC

During the fall semester, Garbear Productions had a couple of events we recorded as well:

Veteran’s Day 2011 Flag Raising at Kalamazoo Valley Community College

We also filmed Fancy Pants Theaters presentation of “James And The Giant Peach”. I don’t have the ok to publish it as of this posting.

As the end of the semester came upon us, we had an assignment that dealt with doing a story board on a page of a book or a couple of lines of a song. I decided to think outside the box, and do a storyboard of an old joke I told for years, and thought about making into a you-tube video

The joke was when I was little, my sister would send me to the drug store with a note and money, and I’d come back with a bag and change. After I did that a couple of times, I got curious, and asked her what I was getting.

She told me not to worry about it, because it is personal. Well, that wasn’t good enough, and she better tell me, or I can tell ma and dad, and we’ll get to the bottom of it. She told me I was getting her napkins. For special occasions. I was fine with that and let it be. Before long, a holiday was coming up, and my parents had to go to the airport and pick up family that was flying in. They left me to set the table and watch dinner while they were gone. So I got the plates, glasses, silverware.

Then the light bulb went off! It’s a holiday, family coming into town. It’s a special occasion!
So off to my sister’s room I went, got the bag, and found her napkins thinking, “They will all be happy I found my sisters napkins for special occasions.” I was a little confused as to why they were wrapped. Then to my surprise, they all had tape on the back of them! “Sweet”, I said to myself. So I stuck the napkins to the table, set the silverware on top, and had the table all set! Boy, the looks on my folks faces it was something to behold. Not to mention, that my aunt and uncle was splitting their sides when they all seen the table set.

Then came the fun assignment for me. I had previously talked to Bonnie Campbell about possibly turning her book into a movie. This class forced my hand to get off the couch and get something started with it. From the feedback I got, my presentation may make a good sell, and to actually make it happen. So below I have added the storyboards from that assignment. I can’t go into much detail about the scenes, as you will have to read the book to FULLY understand the premise of the illustrations in correlation to the time line and series of events.  At present, there are variables we are waiting on, but it could happen.

First set of story board illustrations

The second set of illustrations familiarizing those of the general idea of the first 50 pages of the book.

In general, I learned a bit more on visuals in this course, which will sharpen my edge in the video production industry. As you can see, I was pretty busy during this semester as well. Not to bad for an old truck driver huh?

In general, it was a informative and fun class. I will think out side of the box again, and leave a couple of disturbing images. Both have come across my desk and being one who likes to make others think, these last two pictures I’m sure will bring on thoughts, comments and emotions. Good, bad or ugly, post your thoughts.