Celery City Showcase VI 2011

Lynette Baber and Tom McCoy performing the Beatles song “If I fell.”

Mudslide the blues man was great performing “Westnedge Blues,” You have to be from here to understand the song, yet there is a Westnedge in every town.

Marcia LaFleur and Greg Reitsma performing “Do You Love Me” from Fiddler On The Roof

Two Dianes and little Kim doing a skit.

Natalie Dalm performing “If you hadn’t, but you did.” She did a great job.

Here is a Chinese student in the Portage area who performed in the talent show for Celery City Showcase. This was filmed with two digital cameras and one 8mm VHS camera. With all the cameras rolling at the same time, this gives your event the appearance of a regular television show after editing.

This is the Celery City Cloggers from the Friday night show. We shot it with two digital cameras and one 8mm VHS camera. During the process, we used High-Definition on the video track and 5.1 Surround Sound for the audio. This gives you and idea what your special occasion will look ;like when it is complete.